We are a leading Primary Languages training company, with over 21 years experience in delivering high quality CPD to MFL Coordinators, class teachers and trainee teachers. We completed the successful Language Learning for Everyone training programme for primary teachers on behalf of the DfE and Warrington TSA.

Courses are lead by our QTS qualified primary languages teachers and trainers who also teach primary languages in over 50 schools. We bring together the requirements for the DfE KS2 Languages PoS with the primary curriculum in creative and innovative ways.

We offer courses for ITTs, NQTs, MFL Coordinators and class teachers at your training location, designed to empower staff to deliver primary languages effectively in school.

Took away lots of ideas that I will be using in my classroom!
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Feel much more confident about teaching a language and linking it to other subjects.
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An Introduction to Primary Languages for ITTs day 1 (ITT-1) - £400

  • In this course students will explore the fundamental principles of teaching a language.

  • How to develop effective speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with your classes in a Foreign Language.

  • Find out how to assess, progress and link MFL with the whole school curriculum.

  • Links to literacy and storytelling in a Foreign language.

  • Making MFL accessible for all.

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Creative Teaching and Learning in Primary Languages for ITTs day 2 (ITT-2) - £400

  • This course will build on the strategies and principles explored in Day 1 Training

  • Explore ways in which creative ideas can be brought to life and give excitement and relevance to Primary children learning a language.

  • Links to Literacy & SPAG: Creative ways to reinforce other areas of the curriculum through teaching MFL

  • Find out ways to build on children’s prior knowledge of the language in a creative way.

  • Exploring the Cross Curricular Approach, bringing languages to life in your classroom.

  • Find out how to use technology to enhance creative language learning.


Primary Languages Training Day for NQTs and RQTs - £400

NQTs will reflect on their own experiences so far of teaching Primary Languages and the day can be tailored according to the needs of the NQTs.

Topics to include:

  • Teaching languages – guidance on organisation, planning and assessment

  • What does outstanding practice look and feel like in Primary Languages? Language teaching strategies to build your confidence.

  • Creative language learning – motivating pupils no matter what your level of language. From non-specialist classroom teachers to those with a background in languages

  • Help! How does Primary Languages fit into our week? Exploring cross curricular approaches to teaching a languages

  • Incorporating the 12 DfE attainment targets into your lessons.


Primary Languages CPD For Class Teachers & Subject Leaders:
Developing Expertise & Leadership in Primary Languages - £400

Class Teachers come with a broad range of experience in teaching languages in the Primary Classroom. In a friendly and collaborative environment, teachers at every level of experience will be able to share ideas, ask questions, gain advice and leave feeling motivated and energised to teach Primary Languages.

Topics to include:

  •  Creative language learning – motivating pupils no matter what your level of language. From non-specialist classroom teachers with a little language to those with a background in language learning.

  • Assessment in Primary Languages and incorporating the 12 DfE attainment targets into your lessons.

  • Practical teaching ideas to take away and use the next day, week and coming months.

  • Raising the profile of Primary Languages in your school.

  • The role of the Subject Coordinator.


Using Technology to Enhance Primary Languages Teaching & Learning

In this course Michelle guides you through the basics of incorporating technology into your Primary Languages teaching and will boost your confidence whatever your level of experience.

  • Using digital technology to collect evidence and make assessment effective.

  • Practical ideas to incorporate more technology into your teaching for effective language learning.

  • Using digital technology to inspire and enthuse your pupils.

  • Creative ways to use technology including using Apps, Green screens and much more!


Delegates will all be given a certificate of attendance.

All courses include handouts, links to Primary Languages Network unique online resources, optional follow up communication/advice session with delegates via email or Skype.