Primary Languages Teacher Service

Primary Languages Network offers a quality language teaching and learning service in French, Spanish or German to Primary Schools in the UK.

The successful programme has been operating for over 7 years with trained Primary Language Teachers (QTS) and Assistants who are either native speaker or fluent in the target language. They receive regular training and teach to the requirements of the DfE KS2 Languages PoS.

Schools receive comprehensive lesson planning, medium term plans and long term planning, to enable substantial progress in language learning in KS2 (also in KS1).

The service is offered as an in-school weekly service at a fixed hourly rate based on the experience of the Language Assistant/Teacher and the service required by the school.

“We are delighted with the high standards of teaching provided by our French Teacher, the resultant impact on standards in French by the end of KS2 has helped us to establish and sustain quality French language learning for all children across KS1 and KS2”
— Head Teacher, Locking Stumps CP School, Warrington

Primary Languages VLE

All language teachers and schools have access to our shared teaching and learning resource centre


Regular CPD & Training

All associate language teachers receive CPD through regular meetings and training events


Classroom observations

Associate language teachers observations are carried out to ensure good practise, read snapshots from all observations

Teaching to the Primary Curriculum & DfE KS2 Languages PoS

  • Associate Language Teachers and Assistants strive to deliver “good” or “outstanding” lessons

  • Teachers communicate the value of modern languages to pupils effectively

  • Planning is informed by a high level of subject expertise

  • Teachers routinely use the target language for classroom communication

  • Reading is used to develop ICU and for pleasure

  • Children explore how to communicate in the target language and understand basic grammar appropriate to the level of the learner

  • Associates encourage children to explore story, songs and games and to be creative in their spoken and written work

  • The use of ICT is planned within the body of the language learning lessons

  • Associate teachers and assistants bring the culture of target language countries to both the classroom and whole school celebrations

  • Pupils develop the skills they need to become independent language learners

  • Teachers use an appropriate range of resources and teaching strategies

  • Associates can offer schools support with the development of effective and manageable tracking and assessment tools to capture and demonstrate progress in language learning

“Kate is immensely talented and has inspired our children to love languages again. We are very appreciative to yourself for ensuring such high quality individuals such as Kate.”
— Sue Diamond, Headteacher, Penketh CP School

Enhanced support with our Primary Languages VLE

Our Primary Languages VLE provides an ideal platform to share vital information between our language teachers and individual schools on an ongoing basis enabling:

  • Associate teachers and schools can access and use the KS2 French ,German and Spanish as a shared learning programme

  • The VLE SOW plus enables schools and associates to plan bespoke learning using our dross curricular, seasonal specials, let's read and talk and write VLE areas.

  • Long term, medium term and weekly lesson planning can be shared between schools and associates

  • Follow up activities can be left with the class teacher

  • Evidence of Assessment can be uploaded, captured and shared on the VLE between school and associates


Develop language skills


with creative lesson plans


and independent learning

Associate language teacher options and costs

Primary Languages Assistant  (QTS):
Rate £28/hr

  • Works alongside the classroom teacher

  • Team teaching with the class teacher

  • Support with pupil tracking

  • Class teacher responsible for the classroom

  • Schools charged for the days & hours worked

Primary Languages Teacher (QTS):
Rate £32/hr

  • Visiting classroom teacher working alone

  • Responsible for the whole classroom

  • Works closely with your MFL Coordinator

  • Undertake pupil assessment and tracking

  • Schools charged for the days & hours worked

Terms and conditions

  • Primary Languages Network is fully insured with both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Our Associate Teachers are employees of Primary Languages Network and paid through PAYE making us fully compliant with IR35 regulations

  • Each school issued with a Service Level Agreement confirming the pricing and services offered

  • Your school is required to be a Full member of Primary Languages Network.

  • Membership of Primary Languages Network is £275 for the first year and subsequent years.

  • Language teaching should be timetabled weekly within a termly or annual contract (39 weeks).

  • Minimum chargeable time: 2.5 hours in the afternoon and 3 hours in the morning

  • When summative assessment is required an additional 60 min non-teaching time will be charged.

Notice period offered by the school for cancellation of service.

  • Full one month’s notice of cancellation - No charge to the school.

  • Between one month and a weeks’ notice of cancellation - 50% Charge to the school

  • Less than one week’s notice of cancellation - full cost to the school

  • Should the Language Teacher / Assistant need to cancel we will endeavour to find a suitable replacement (we do not offer supply cover)

  • Primary Languages Network provides DBS checks and issues each Associate with a PLN name badge.

Payment terms

Payment by Direct Debit (5% discount)

  • Agree to pay by direct Debit and receive 5% discount on monthly invoices

  • Monthly Invoices emailed by 3rd of the following month for checking

  • Payment is taken on 6th of the month

Payment by invoice

  • Invoicing is one calendar month in arrears and is delivered by email to your school office

  • Normal payment terms are 15 days from date of invoice by bank transfer or cheque.