Get ready for September 3/5- CPD and Upsklling

Have you listened to the previous two episodes? If not below are links to them

Episode 1- Action Plan

Episode 2- MTP and LTO's

This week’s episode is about all things upskilling and CPD. If you are a member of PLN, you are entitled to so much training and support, and now is a great time to figure out what exactly you or your staff require in order to provide you with the support and training to deliver languages effectively

You are entitled to a one-to-one coordinator training with Catherine, or a click2teach non-specialist in school training with Will

Also on the dashboard, if you were to click on “Online Training Courses”, you will find a whole host of training, from Upskilling mini-courses, to understanding the VLE or even pedagogical masterclass sessions

For more information contact us on 

will@primarylanguages.network and catherine@primarylanguages.network

Get ready for September 2/5- Planning

This is the second part of a five-part series in getting yourself prepared for next years teaching, this is a step by step process and therefore it is recommended to listen in to the first one before listening to this episode

Link to Episode 1 - Action planning

The second episode of the series is about looking at your planning for next year. Locating, printing and reading through what is going to occur, will strengthen your idea upon the curriculum and also give you more guidance to ensure your staff are following along

Access the long term overviews by--> Dashboard--> Subject planning --> MFL Coordinators toolkit --> SOW documentation

Medium term plans are found attached to all curriculums

Any issues locating your documentation feel free to contact us

will@primarylanguages.network    or    catherine@primarylanguages.network

Get Ready for September 1/5- Action Plan

Episode 1/5- Action plan

In this 5 part short podcast series, Catherine (Network Coordinator) takes you through a simple step by step process, getting you ready for September in regards to Languages coordination and teaching

First of all, understand why getting ready now is important.

Then, the first episode is all about reviewing how the year went, looking at the targets you set and creating an action plan for the year ahead. Spot improvement points and celebrate your year's victories. This first epsidode will set you up for the rest fo the series

Great French books for your classroom- Janet Lloyd- PLN Podcast


French Books

For the classroom
Janet Lloyd
PLN Podcast

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Everyone loves a story.

In this podcast, Janet shares books that complement themes and certain units of work in primary French, especially if you are a Primary Languages Network member*.

Have a listen and see how and why you should consider adding a book to your teaching and learning of languages.

Take a listen and explore ways that you can develop display and creative learning with a story time in French.

From our Ready Made SOW Year 3 Autumn 1 and 2 work on colours and reading as a class the very simple story book “Toutes les Couleurs” , (whether you use Click 2 Teach, Be Creative or our Teach by Story) ,to very familiar story books such as “Going on a Bear Hunt” in the target language that dovetail beautifully as class stories at the end of one of our units of work. Looking for simple books, written for young learners of French, for your reading corner?Janet has some suggestions for these too.

Remember that Primary Languages Network members can visit the exhibition stands of Brilliant Publications, European School Books and Little Linguist at our annual conference “All aboard! ” on 27 June 2019. Plus you can take advantage of the Little Linguist Primary Languages Network discount code (found on the home page of the VLE).

Below is a link to a blog post that Janet refers to in the podcast.

KS1 Going on a Bear Hunt blogpost (Spanish rhyme - ideas in blogpost are transferable to other target languages)

*discount code will be shown on your member dashboard

PLN Podcast- How to develop your languages teaching-- Susanne Wilson


How to develop your Languages Teaching

Susanne Wilson —
PLN Podcast

Susanne Wilson is the training coordinator at PLN and helps develops teachers ability to coordinate and teach languages more effectively at their schools. Her insights in languages are incredible and she has an ability to breakdown complex ideas into simple and fun ways of sharing them. 

In this podcast Susanne, first of all, tells her story of her passion for learning languages and then moves on to some troubleshooting for potential scenarios for MFL coordinators and teachers alike

Furthermore, she will be speaking at the conference on June 27th- More info found here

More info about Primary Languages Network training courses found here

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How to showcase languages effectively at your school- Paul Phillips- PLN Podcast

Simply put, Paul Phillips is a wizard when it comes to exhibiting languages at this school in Whitby. He is a man of invaluable knowledge in regards to practicality, simplicity and whole school engagement, and in this podcast, he provides you with some great ideas whether you are an NQT or more experienced teacher. He also has managed to master using all his resources available to him to create an exciting and engaging language learning experience for children for example school grounds, cross-curricular activities and the PLN online resources

Listen to how he has planned a Spanish style easter parade through Ellesmere Port, which was done today (17th April)

Furthermore, He will be speaking at the conference on June 27th- More info found here

More info about Primary Languages Network found here

Use this URL to subscribe - https://primarylanguages.podbean.com/feed.xml

PLN News podcast- Feb 19 // Click2Teach // PLN Conference 1019 // CPD and associate updates

In this month’s discussion points, we introduce the new 'Click2Teach' curriculum, which runs alongside the Ready Made KS2 SOW in French,Soanish and German and is designed to get your schools non-specialists teaching languages, with its easier to use, game-based, less in-depth curriculum.

Also, we will update you on the PLN conference date and theme and upcoming LNM meetings dates. We also look into what Susanne has been doing with the ITT training, get an update from Emilie in regards to our languages associates and its prospective expansion, and finally receive admin updates from Catherine, in regards to new associates and the PLDA award

Click on the links below if you are interested in any of the topics


For a demonstration of our resources contact coordinator@primarylanguages.network

For info about our languages associates contact emilie@primarylanguages.network

for info about our CPD courses contact susanne@primarylanguages.network

any other enquiries contact will@primarylanguages.network 

PLN News Podcast #1- Jan 2019 // Mindfulness // ITT Training // Resources //Premium

Primary Languages News- January 2019

Firstly, Happy New Year to all! We hope you are having and are set to have your best year yet!

This is the brand new PLN news podcast in which we will update you with all things PLN on a monthly basis

In this news update, Will discusses the following topics:

  1. The effectiveness of using mindfulness in the classroom

  2. The benefits of the premium membership

  3. The success and details of our ITT training

  4. Last Year Primary Languages Development Award receivers

  5. Updates about the growth of PLN and our associates

  6. Resources to use in the new year

if you are interested in any of what is said here are links to:

Primary Languages podcast #2 --- Meet the team - Emilie Woodroffe


Episode #2

Meet the team - Emilie Woodroffe

Welcome to episode 2 of the primary languages podcast, where I sit down and have a conversation with Emilie Woodroffe. Emilie is now the associate coordinator at PLN, and has worked for nearly 10 years with Janet Lloyd. Tune in to this conversation about how she moved to England from France, and how she has ended up in a role tailor made for her abilities and interests. Relive her journey from British council languages assistant to associate teacher coordinator

Primary Languages Podcast #1 'A child only gets one opportunity of being 8 years old' - Janet Lloyd


Episode #1

With Janet Lloyd

Janet has been involved in languages teaching for 30+ years, and throughout has occupied the role of teacher, consultant, university lecturer and now business owner, listen to her inspiring story about how she carved out a role tailor made for her ability, creativity and intuition. However, she will be the first to tell you that the plot of her lifelong passion was never planned as expected!

Customer demand of her ability to teach and consult helped create and develop primary languages network through the years, and now the business that was once just a cluster in Warrington is beginning to grow into something that she really could never have imagined it to be, no matter how creative she is!

Listen to Janet speak about the journey she has undertook to reach the point of where she is at today, enjoy insights about what she thinks is important within the classroom, and learn more about what the business that is Primary Languages Network offers to the primary languages world through its associate teachers, teacher training and online resources!