"Teach KS2 French with primary based resources, simple lesson plans with progression over 4 years and Class Teacher language support"


Learn more and view examples of our resources below:

  • Each lesson has 3 activities with simple bullet point instructions

  • Each activity includes specific language learning skill objectives and DfE Attainment targets

  • Each activity has easily accessible click through links to resources 

  • Each lesson plan can be adapted to suit school timetable requirements

Lesson Plan.png

Lesson plans

3 activities per lesson , language support and click through activities

jungle animals.png

Teacher audio support

New vocabulary is presented with audio support by a native speaker

ppt story.png

Simple French stories 

With native speaker audio 


Native speaker core language teaching and learning videos

Learn together with a French primary languages teacher

consolidation sheet.png

Differentiated consolidation sheets

Core language reinforcement for all abilities

writing sheets.png

Writing focus sheets

Practising core  written language creatively

Exploring grammar.png

Exploring grammar

Child friendly step by step progression



Practise child friendly phonics with a native French speaker


Making and displaying

Practising and sharing our language learning with the wider community


Listening and responding

Native speaker songs and podcasts to revisit and extend listening skills

talk and write.png

Talk and write

Opportunities for guided speaking and writing

using apps.png

ICT and Apps

Opportunities to develop learning skills through primary languages

Choice of tracking tools and assessment options to meet the requirements of your school


AfL language learning clouds 

Child's voice and ownership of learning


Track progression in language learning skills

Record keeping of coverage and progression including DfE attainment targets


Puzzle It Out assessment

Simple format assessment of progression in the 4 core skills


Assessment Spreadsheet

Ready to capture and present pupil data

long term overview.png

Long term planning  overview

Year by year overview of progression in the teaching and learning of French 

medium term overview.png

Medium term planning

Half termly content guide for the class teacher

Assessment descriptor benchmarks.png

Assessment descriptor benchmarks

Year/Stage descriptors of an average learners progress (linked to CEFR) 

grammar tracker.png

Phonics and grammar progression trackers

Guidance on recommended phonics and grammar practise/tracking

jungle story ppt.png

Core Language Tutorials

Practise as a staff simple core language


French Teaching Videos

Listen to and practise with a native French speaker

advice sheet.png

Grammar advice sheets for teachers

Guidance on how to explore French nouns, adjectives and verbs with young learners


French sound spellings

Become confident with key French pronunciation