Carnival mask biscuits - German

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Carnival biscuits.jpg

Carnival mask biscuits - German


Carnival mask biscuits:numbers, colours and action rhyme.

This sequence of activities is targeted at KS1 and Year 3 (beginner) target language learners.

The rhyme could be put to the tune of 10 Little Indians and could also be performed for another class or in an assembly.

You may like to create simple carnival masks, based on the chocolate carnival masks.

  1. The children are going to investigate a picture of chocolate carnival masks.
  2. Each slide takes the class step by step looking at the mask biscuits, counting the mask biscuits, looking at the colours of the stars on the biscuits and thinking of another coloured star for the biscuits.
  3. There are key language boxes to the left of the pictures of the investigation slide to help the teacher and possibly to help the children.
  4. The final slide is a simple action rhyme counting and describing the biscuits.
  5. You may like to bake simple chocolate carnival mask biscuits as a follow up to this activity.
  6. Words to the rhyme in English (for teachers) are also included
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