Bitesize Mindfulness in French - 40

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Bitesize Mindfulness in French - 40

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Our “Bitesize Mindfulness in French” videos provide a fantastic way to help children focus at the start of a lesson, especially after they come in from lunch breaks or PE and need to calm down, ready to start learning.

The bitesize video clips enable children to practise training their minds, as well as teaching them the greater meanings and values that life has to offer by providing little insights into how life really works.

They can be used:

• At the start of the day.

• At the start or end of a lesson.

• As a tool for restless behaviour.

• Or just to practise mindfulness and meditation with your children.

The 40 videos in French are presented in our mindfulness document with English transcripts and can be played directly or downloaded.

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After purchasing online you will receive an email with a link to download the “Bitesize Mindfulness” master document (3Mb) within 24 hrs for security reasons. From the master document you can access and download all the 40 videos at anytime and with no time limits.

We have created 40 themed mindfulness videos:

1. Start
2. Peak
3. Fisherman
4. Sunset
5. Hayfield
6. Technology
7. Geese
8. Woods
9. Calm
10. Space
11. Park
12. Picnic
13. Bridge
14. Birds
15. Water Park
16. Church
17. Point
18. Deer
19. Coast
20. Valley

21. Horses
22. Focus
23. Pier
24. Lighthouse
25. Rock
26. Castle
27. Garden
28. Cars
29. Race
30. Cows
31. Waterfall
32. Skyline
33. Bay
34. Mountain
35. Beach
36. Ducks
37. Lake
38. View
39. River
40. Rest