Teach by Story - Intermediate (Stage 4)
 Stage 4 (Y6) - Autumn 1Family and Daily Life"Meet the Stone Age family
PDF_ICON_W.png Meet the Stone Age family 


Meet the stone Age family and explore their daily routine.

 Core language practise 
Nouns for members of the family
Nouns for daily life items
Verb “to live” / “to fish”
 Grammar Focus 
Nouns and paradigm of verb  “ to fish”

 Resources to practise language 
Complete lesson planning overview of sequence of activities to exploit text in story
PDF_ICON_W.png Daily log sheet
PDF_ICON_W.png Daily routine reading cards
PDF_ICON_W.png Catching a fish verb paradigm puzzle sheet
PDF_ICON_W.png French hunter sheet
PDF_ICON_W.png Hunting and fishing French sheet
PDF_ICON_W.png Sounds of the village sheet

 Stage 4 (Y6) - Autumn 1Daily routine and the life of a Superhero“Daily life of a young super hero” 
PPT_ICON_W.png Daily life of a young super hero 


Simple story about the daily routine of a young superhero.

 Core language practise 
Reflexive verbs and daily routine verbs

 Grammar focus 
Present tense first person singular of common daily routine verbs
Forming times (simple o’clocks)

 Resources to practise language 
PPT_ICON_W.png Super hero sound sentences 1
PPT_ICON_W.png Super hero sound sentences 2
PPT_ICON_W.png Super hero sentence cards
PPT_ICON_W.png Super hero matching questions and answers about daily routine
PDF_ICON_W.png Time match it

 Follow up sheets 
PPT_ICON_W.png Super hero poem with audio 
PPT_ICON_W.png Super hero poem 2 with verb challenge plus audio
PDF_ICON_W.png Super power picture cards
PPT_ICON_W.png Super hero adjectives – masculine – feminine spelling
 Stage 4 (Y6) - Autumn 2House and Home – The Spooky House"Ghost house story"
PPT_ICON_W.png Ghost house story 


 Core language practise 
Rooms in the house
Prepositions of place

 Grammar focus 

 Resources to practise language 
PPT_ICON_W.png Where is the ghost card with audio
PPT_ICON_W.png Nouns for rooms in the house – written words
PPT_ICON_W.png La maison with audio
Prepositions in English and French
 Follow up sheets 
PDF_ICON_W.png Haunted House match it / PLUS 
PDF_ICON_W.png Spooky House link it/ PLUS 
PDF_ICON_W.png Haunted House creative writing sheet
 Talk and write 
PDF_ICON_W.png Create your own lift the flap haunted house books   
 Stage 4 (Y6) - Autumn 2Christmas“Christmas Rescue story

PPT_ICON_W.png Christmas Rescue story 
PDF_ICON_W.png Teacher transcript


Story about how Santa’s sleigh breaks down and the alien family save the day .They deliver presents in their space ship. Potential to practise reading aloud the story and then to present as a action story to KS1 children.

 Core language practise 
Christmas present nouns

 Grammar focus 

Nouns , verbs, ordinal numbers, sequence words

 Resources to practise language 
PDF_ICON_W.png Complete lesson plan to exploit story text
PPT_ICON_W.png Xmas rescue - ordinal number - sequencing activities
PPT_ICON_W.png Xmas rescue story map – to retell story
 Follow up sheets 
PPT_ICON_W.png Write a letter to Father Christmas 
PDF_ICON_W.png Xmas letter paper
PPT_ICON_W.png Xmas jumper listening and reading text – guess who activity
PPT_ICON_W.png Design your own Xmas jumper writing frame
 Stage 4 (Y6) - Spring 1Jobs and roles"When I grow up, I want to be a..."

 PPT_ICON_W.png When I grow up, I want to be a 

Repeated statements introducing different professions. Story power point continues preparation activities prior to story slides.

 Core language practise 

Key phrase: I would like to be
Nouns to describe jobs and roles

 Grammar focus 
Nouns after the verb “to be”

 Resources to practise language 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Sequence of lessons prepared with links to exploit text
PPT_ICON_W.png Jobs and futures survey sheets
PPT_ICON_W.png Jobs, qualities and flap game
PPT_ICON_W.png Quiz Quiz Swap cards for question and varied answers guessing game
PPT_ICON_W.png Qualities cards – jobs and futures 
 Follow up sheets 
PPT_ICON_W.png Making hats 
 Stage 4 (Y6) - Summer 1Sports – alien family Olympics"Going to the extra-terrestrial Olympics"

MP4_ICON_W.png Going to the extra-terrestrial Olympics
PDF_ICON_W.png Teacher transcript


An alternative look at the Olympics and sports that take place with an extra- terrestrial style.

 Core language practise 

 Grammar focus 
Nouns, adjectives, verbs.

 Resources to practise language 
Outer Space Olympics activities guide
PDF_ICON_W.png Physical bingo strips
Physical body part cards
PDF_ICON_W.png Body part word cards
PDF_ICON_W.png Adverbs for movement word cards
PDF_ICON_W.png Commands for movement word cards
 Follow up sheets 
Reading and writing creatively with the story of the Extra- terrestrial Olympics
PDF_ICON_W.png French sports’  warm up slides
PDF_ICON_W.png Outer space sports link it / PLUS

 Stage 4 (Y6) - Summer 2At the restaurant"Alien family at the outer space restaurant"

MP4_ICON_W.png Alien family at the outer space restaurant
PDF_ICON_W.png Teacher transcript


Simple story presenting key phrases used in a restaurant dialogue at a most unusual restaurant with outer space foods. Potential to perform in groups and to act out for other classes or on assembly.

 Core language practise 
Menu and restaurant role play dialogue language

 Grammar focus 
Asking politely

 Resources to practise language 
Happy Meals – games and activities to practise core roleplay language
PDF_ICON_W.png Suggested sequence of activities to go with the story clip
Food images to set up own outer space restaurant roleplays--------------------
 Follow up sheets 
Alien restaurant story drawings and sentences to create a “domino en chaine” reading game and re-organise the story cards in to correct sequence as a class.