A whole school and cross phase Italian language day involving the wider community - Queen's Park CE

Carol Taylor the languages coordinator organised with staff a fantastic whole school "Italian" day. She led an assembly to start the day and the children looked at Italy's geography and culture including the Y6 children acting out 'Italia ha talento' complete with Julius Caesar, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Paolo Rossi explaining why each of them should win.


Teachers kindly came in from Cowley high School to lead an Art activity on recreating the ceiling of the Sistine chapel as well as a couple of Italian language lessons. We had a professional dance teacher taking KS1 to do the tarantella and the high school also sent 2 Italian speaking students and a student who knows sign language to lead activities with classes.

An Italian speaking parent came in to do a Q and A session on life in Italy and she finished with Little Red Riding Hood in Italian. I went round most classes with Claude the French puppet and Anna the Italian puppet.

Carol wanted the children to compare the two languages (which they did very well). With Ks2 Carol took it further and talked about the way these languages developed from Latin. KS2 covered greetings, numbers and colours. All class teachers organised Italian themed activities throughout the day such as building the Leaning Tower of Pisa and painting the Mona Lisa.