Learning numbers again at Locking Stumps and Burtonwoood

We think this is a really simple but intersting activity with children who have already learnt French or Spanish etc in KS1. The language teacher looked at numbers 0-20 again but this time take a look at what she has to say  .....

With Yr 3 we have been learning the numbers up to 20 (as in my schools the children have been learning French throughout the infants too) and they played a game where they to had the match the English number words with the French number words up to 20. It was very interesting! We discussed cognates and sounds of letters and how they look completely different to how they are said in English.

Learning Mandarin at Broomfields CP, Warrington


The Year 3 children at Broomfields CP are just starting to learn Mandarin.this is what the class teacher and language specialist has to say....

"In Year 3 at Broomfields Junior School, we have started learning Mandarin Chinese! So far, the children have learnt a song with greetings and actions in, they can answer the register as if they were Chinese pupils, we can introduce ourselves and are now learning to introduce family members.  At the end of September we learnt about the Mid-Autumn 'moon' festival and made storyboards of the legend of Chang E and Hou Yi. We have had a go at writing Chinese characters and are starting to recognise how they are made up of the different 'radicals'.   

The children are so keen to share what they've learnt with friends and people at home and we will soon be ready to send some pictures and videos of the children's work to our link school in Xi'an.  As a French language specialist myself, it is exciting to be learning a new language, alongside the children! 

One top tip for assessment which I used this week with family member flashcards:  The children each had a set of cards. They memorised their position on the desk then turned them over.  When I called out the phrase 'This is my brother' for example, in Chinese, which meant they had to listen for a specific word, the children picked the card they thought was correct and held it close to their chests. At my command, all children showed their cards and were so proud to have chosen the correct one - instant visual assessment of a listening skill!"

Talking Transition between KS2 and KS3

Transition from KS2 to KS3

Transition from KS2 to KS3

Our Transition networks are running well this year and working hard to successfully develop shared understanding of KS2 and KS3 Y7 language learning.

Thanks to everyone involved in the Penketh, The Heath, Sir William Stanier, Sir Thomas Boteler and Birchwood transition groups.

Please get in touch with Janet should your area like to set up a transition group on our Primary Languages VLE!

KS2 Languages Detectives at Birchwood CE, Warrington

Fireworks Poem

Fireworks Poem

The KS2 children at Birchwood CE are being language detectives this week in school. The children in different year groups are using the same poem for different language learning reasons.

In Year 3 and Year 4 the children are reading the poem about fireworks to revise colours.

Year 5 and Year 6 are using the poekm to investigate the topic of fireworks and colours to practise adjectival agreements and  will then use dictionaries to look up words that can be replaced in the text.

Outer Space Bookmarks at Woolston CP, Warrington

Rocket Bookmark

Rocket Bookmark

Year 5 at Woolston CP finished off their focus on "school" with our Aliens at School animated story.

Back to School Alien Story

Back to School Alien Story

The children looked at the structure of the text, read for understanding and then focused on one particular slide - literacy and created their own "outer space bookmarks" with great bilingual dictionary work.

The bookmarks look fantastic too! 

Stone Age Texts at Christ Church CE, Warrington

Primary Languages SOW plus

We love the fact that the Year 6 children at Christ Church CE are following our Primary Languages SOW plus ... but with a creative twist.

As they are looking at daily routines the class language teacher has decided to compare modern day life to life in prehistoric times.

The children will create their own "Stone Age Daily Routine Texts" using our Cross Curricular resources on prehistoric daily life from our Primary Languages VLE.