Mindfulness, yoga and well being- PLN Podcast with Irene Hernandez


Irene Hernandez

This week's podcast is about all things well-being and mental health. We at PLN highly value the importance of educating children about their own well-being, none more so than Irene Hernandez our in-house yogi and mindfulness practitioner. It just so happens, that teaching MFL ties in really nicely!

Irene is a passionate and enthusiastic Spanish teacher for PLN, but she also does Spanish super days of yoga in schools and has helped massively with the mindfulness videos. You will also recognize her in all of our Spanish native speaker video clips,

If PLN had celebrities, Irene would be one! 

If you are interested in having Irene at your school for a yoga Spanish super day, or if you have any other enquiries implementing mindfulness and well being in your school, feel free to contact me 

will@primarylanguages.network (mSc in Health and nutrition)