Get Ready for September 4/5- EDoL & Languages celebration days

Have you listened to the first three episodes? If not below are links to them

Episode 1- Action Plan

Episode 2- MTP and LTO's

Episode 3- CPD and upskilling 

In this 5 part short podcast series, Catherine (Network Coordinator) takes you through a simple step by step process, getting you ready for September in regards to Languages coordination and teaching.

In this week’s episode, Catherine takes you through the initial preparation for European Day of Languages or hosting a languages celebration day.

After this episode you should feel prepared to take on what can be a great opportunity to put languages on the map in your school, so listen in, take pointers and look at all the resources available to you in preparing these days.

You can also listen to Paul Phillips (who spoke at the PLN conference 2019) about how to exhibit languages.

Link to Paul Phillips podcast on Celebrating languages