PLN Podcast- Janet Lloyd and simple Spanish stories


In this podcast,Janet Lloyd considers simple and effective use of Spanish story books to enhance primary languages teaching and learning for all teachers and children, especially if you are a Primary Languages Network member.

Take a listen and explore how you can develop creative and memorable Spanish learning opportunities linked to story books, including display and performance. Books and ideas are transferable to other target languages too and will fit beautifully with our Ready Made French KS2 and German KS2 schemes of work options too.


Share stories right from the beginning. for example with our Ready Made SOW Year 3 Autumn 1 and 2 work on numbers and colours or in Y3 Spring 1 read as a class the very simple story book “Ha vista a mi gato?” in the Ready Made SOW unit “Animal Magic” , (whether you use Click 2 Teach, Be Creative or our Teach by Story).

Find out how using target language versions of familar English story books can be a stepping stone to listening to a story book in another language and developing children’s reading and listening skills and confidence.

Be creative and create a carnival party to remember with El caranaval de los animales - part of our Year 4 Spring 2 French, German and Spanish units of work. Take a look at the blogpost link below from 2015 to help with this or access the comprehesive lesson planning and resources on the Primary Languages Network virtual learning environment.

Remember books mentioned in this podcast are nearly all available in French and possibly German too. Worth listening to our first podcast in this series so that you can explore the French story books mentioned and use suggested ideas with the Spanish equivalents.

Looking for simple books, written for young learners of Spanish, for your reading corner? Janet has some suggestions for these too.

Remember that Primary Languages Network members can visit the exhibition stands of Brilliant Publications, European School Books and Little Linguist at our annual conference “All aboard! ” on 27 June 2019. Plus you can take advantage of the Little Linguist Primary Languages Network discount code (found on the home page of the VLE).

Below is a link to a blog post that Janet refers to in the podcast.

Getting ready for canival: being creative and exploring a story based on the carnival of animals and the music of Saint Saens (January 2015).

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