Making progress 4


The evidence shared by Primary Languages Network teachers shows examples of the four core skills and language learning skills.The examples have been captured in the classroom on the day that the learning took place from KS1 to UKS2. We hope that these examples help primary schools have confidence in their own primary languages teaching and learning plus we hope that the evidence in the Making Progress” blogposts so far support secondary colleagues in their developing understanding of the language learning in primary schools. (Links or our Making Progress 1 - Sept to Oct 2018,Making Progress 2 Oct- Dec 2018) and Making Progress 3 (January- February 2019)

The evidence in this post has been gathered from a sample of our 350 plus Primary Languages Network schools in French,Spanish and German (KS1 to UKS2) in Marchy , during Spring 2 half term and the run up to Easter 2019.

We realise that to make progress, teachers need to feel able to support their young learners. So we are working hard to help primary teachers to better understand and feel better equipped to engage their own primary learners with the skills and knowledge required to become language leaners. So let’s start with some examples of how teachers have been making progress, supported by Primary Languages Network via PLN CPD from this last half term .

What we really love, is when we see the work, support ,CPD and in-school ingenuity and commitment coming together to create effective language learning environments for children . Take a look here at Hope Primary,Knowsley and the case study we created on the wonderful way this school is working towards outstanding progress in primary Spanish with all its children and teachers!

We work with KS1 pupils too and these young language learners ,not only demonstrate to us what progress can be made but are certainly pushing us too, to see what we potentialy will be able to achieve in Year 3 with language learners in the future.

We are always amazed by how our primary schools and teachers find innovative and purposeful ways to link primary language learning, culture and cross curricular learning .

Year 5 French and links with literacy- becoming journalists and tour guide authors.

World Book Day becomes “World Book Week “ in our network and it never fails to disappoint .Once again teachers and schools find ways to make those cross curricular, creative and literacy links with language learning.

We continue to see progress in our primary language learners’ understanding of structure and grammar in simple target language sentences too .

Plus we find new ways of encouraging the continued development of all four core skills in target language learning. Here are some examples of work based on reading or listening, responding and reading.

Primary progress is key and offering our learners opportunities to engage in purposeful,current learning ,using a target language is certainly beneficial.Our “over to you to be the teacher” yoga activities are very popular.

We find that schools want to see language learning as an integral part of the progress their young primary learners make.Here’s an example of a growing and effective working wall in one of our schools.

And then of course there are those really special moments - often best when linked directly to the target language country, real target language speakers and special cultural moments….

Our Lady’s of the Star and the Sea have this Easter found ways to combine their own RE and the target language culture and a special Easter festival too.