Making progress 3


The evidence shared by Primary Languages Network teachers shows examples of the four core skills and language learning skills.The examples have been captured in the classroom on the day that the learning took place from KS1 to UKS2. We hope that these examples help primary schools have confidence in their own primary languages teaching and learning plus we hope that the evidence in the Making Progress” blogposts so far support secondary colleagues in their developing understanding of the language learning in primary schools. (Links or our Making Progress 1 - Sept to Oct 2018 and Making Progress 2 Oct- Dec 2018)

The evidence in this post has been gathered from a sample of our 330 plus Primary Languages Network schools in French,Spanish and German (KS1 to UKS2) between end of Christmas term 2018 and Feburary half term 2019 .

The title photo is taken from our Canon Burrows CE Case Study video (December 2018).

It looks like lots of our schools have been taking children on virtual trips to target language countries or receiving and writing letters and cards to children in partner schools abroad. You can also see here examples of classroom learning games, speaking and listening activities, independent writing,sound spelling and appropriate grammar actvities.

So let’s start with children at St Gerard’s in Year 2 meeting their Spanish friends via Skype - a regular occurence at St Gerard’s with our associate Primary Languages Network teacher, Ana,

From school to Spain and back again in one day.Whole school virtual visit to Spain by primary school children and staff..

Including visits to other Spanish speaking countries too and also comic book stories.

Establishing good language learning habits for the future.Taking challenges home and practising language with the rest of the family.

French Year 3 beginners and a game of Quiz Quiz Swap to practise months of the year.

Firts year of language learning and starting to explore grammar.Practising plurals with Year 3 and work on animal nouns in Spanish.

Emphasis on sound spelling links.Revisiting letters and sounds in Year 4 and gathering evidence of understanding by encouraging children’s own notes about how to pronounce tricky Spanish letters.

Simple accurate sentence writing with a touch of creativity. Creating our own alien family on the moon. Year 4 Spanish.

Busy in French in Year 4 too, creating our own alien characters too and practising accurate simple personal information sentences.Thanks to Queen’s Park for this photo.


Year 4 ,creating Spanish spoken texts and preparing to create their Viva Video movie books , to introduce their own descriptions of members of our “Alien Family” .

Snowy day Spanish and a great opportunity to work with bilingual dictionaires and explore words to describe snomwen in Spanish.

From nouns to adjectives and now to verbs. Conjugating the verb “to be” in French and linking this to our panto character lesson plan in Year 5 French .

French and celebrations. Practising writing simple descriptive sentences to design Epiphany crowns in Year 4 and 5 classes around the Primary Languages Network schools at the start of 2019 .


Freeze frame drama and performance in Spanish with Year 5

German in primary .Year 5 and 6 learning German and making links with penfriends in Germany.

Receiving Christmas letters from penfriends in Spain -UKS2 Spanish language learners.

Taking a cultural and language learning virtual visit to Paris and Montmartre,practising spoken French role plays on the virtual visit around the city.

Continuing to develop and extend writing skills:Year 6 French and extended sentence writing,sharing sporting opinions.