Hope CP and Success in Spanish.

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Welcome to Hope Primary in Huyton,Knowsley, Liverpool. Let’s celebrate their success in the implementation of primary Spanish as a successful and integral part of the curriculum. Spanish is taught across KS2 by class teachers and children in KS1 also have Spanish learning opportunities.

This blog post is a delight to write and to share the vision,commitment and excellent progress that the staff,,children and the wider school community have made in their goal to ensure effective and purposeful primary Spanish language learning in school for all their children.

Debbie McConnell, Assistant Head, along with SLT , school MFL Coordinators’ Caitlin and Helen and all the class teachers and school staff have invested time and commitment in exploring, developing and now establishing a Spanish curriculum that enriches the lives of all their pupils. As a traded support service, Primary Languages Network , has been able to support them on this journey since 2014. The school achieved the enhancing Primary Languages Development Award in 2017 and are now well on their way to working toward their “Outstanding” award..

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We have supported the school with staff Spanish upskilling , pedagogy CPD and have held some of our local network meetings at the school (open to all teachers in the area who may be interested in primary languages). Debbie took on the role of MFL Coordinator and planned the development of teaching and learning of Spanish , working alongside the PLDA mentor Catherine Simms from Primary Languages Network.

Take a look here. The schools follows the PLN Ready Made Spanish SOW and plans for progress in across the four core skills, grammar and language learning skills:

Staff and children explore Spanish in a very primary and fun way and make sure that the wider Spanish World comes to school, so that all children have the opportunity to explore language learning and culture.From making cultural comparisons around festival times:


and enjoying PE in Spanish with their class teachers and the PE coaches who come in to school:

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to Spanish yoga days with Irene, our PLN native speaker primary teacher and yoga coach.


The school takes every opportunity to explore literacy and links between languages and literacy in their Spanish language learning lessons:

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They share their success in Spanish with the whole school and the wider community at community assemblies:

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and hold Spanish Super Days where the children, wider community of school staff get involved and native speakers are invited in to deliver Super Day activites:

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And because the school aims to support their children to beieve in their own future success and to respect others’ knowledge and achievements , Spanish is thriving as a whole school learning project which they are even happy to share with their feeder high school too! Well done Hope CP!

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