Autumn Maths and Languages

Numbers leaves VLE.png

Making links across the curriculum allows you to revisit familiar language in new contexts. if you are using the Primary Languages Network Schemes of Work then you may already have found resources that link language learning to Autumn and you may already be using the Maths’ number sentences and leaves consolidation sheets.

Here are a few more ways to link language learning with Maths that we shared in a blog post back in 2014 and that since then some of us have used each year to make the link with Autumn. You may also like to check out the blog post “Autumn Language Learning” too. The focus is on investigating fruits and vegetables.

Number of.....: if you are just practising numbers with the children - then an obvious activity would be to practise counting up what you can see in a picture of the fruits and vegetables or items you have brought into class.

Guesstimate! You could guesstimate the weight! Guesstimate the circumference or length! Teach the children the key phrases for measurement and weight, so centimetre/ metre/ gram/ kilo etcetera( in the target language) and apply the target language to a Maths challenge of guesstimation and compare the guesstimations to actual weight and measurement (circumference or length) once the children weigh and measure the objects.

"What in the World is it?" :Exploring culture gives you as a class teacher a very real reason to bring in fruits and vegetables that the children may not be familiar with. Take a look as a class. Perhaps locate where they are grown around the World. Why not touch, feel and taste some of these new vegetables. .Create a class tally chart of how many children like and dislike the items. Count up the tallies in the target language and find the favourite and least favourite items. Take a closer look and look at photos of familiar fruits and vegetables and see if the children can identify families of fruits and vegetables to which the new items nay belong or be similar. Create your own "Taste and Look Like Venn Diagrams" to record the results ....but in the target language of course!

Market Stalls and Maths’ Museums : Create your own class display of Autumn fruits and vegetables you have investigated. Use the target language to label the produce, add target language for colour and write numbers and weight or measurement in target language too.