Smile! It's language learning!


End of very busy and important week in our network. We have celebrated European Day of Languages as always and it has been a delight to see the ideas and creativity based upon our Primary Languages Network 2018 theme of “Everyone smiles in the same language”.

We work with small country schools, large urban schools, schools with 98/99% EAL, alsorts of schools. This week is an annual opportunity to celebrate diversity of languages,cultures within our school communities and beyond.(During the year as a network we work together to promote primary language learning of French,Spanish and German as a whole school learning opportunity, guided and supported by our Ready Made Schemes of Work. ) We find it amazing everytime we hear a child in a school speak in anther language or share knowledge of their own language learning experiences or cultural celebrations.This week allows us to remember that we are all part of one large global communicating community.

Take a look below at this sample of how schools have been celebrating languages within their school communities and new languages beyond their own school experience.Thank you to everyone.