Mindful listening.


Two minutes of mindful listening offers so many benefits to your language learning classrooms. The Bitesize Mindfulness resource packs (in English,French and Spanish) offer teachers the opportunity to help learners develop listening skills, concentration,mindfulness and at the same time explore listening in a target language.

The video transcripts (with accompanying English translations in the French and Spanish resource packs intended to support non-native speakers) allow teachers to:

  • use the videos to re-focus children after busy lunch times or physical activities

snowdon mindfulness.png
  • to engage children in deeper understanding of the spoken text prior to listening to the target language and watching the mindulness clip

  • to share and use across the school with the wider teaching community and use as regular and re-visitable video clips as part of the school’s mindfulness focus and work on wellbeing. To be able to link listening in another language to this is surely an added bonus too! Even to use as a special resource across the school on European Day of Langauges as mentioned above.

  • to link mindfulness , listening and exploring the target language with creative and imaginative cross curricular learning opportunities- space, mountains, the sea, travel .There are 40 themed clips, all easy to access in a self contained PDF.

space mindfulness.png

And then what about developing additional listening ,speaking,reading and writing activities based upon these clips? For example:

  • bilingual dictionary noun, adjective or verb hunts to share with others in the class the sights, sounds,colours, emotions, actions that individual children may have felt or that the target language spoken text in the videos encourages them to consider.

  • listening activities: listening out for specific words, phrases or sentences as they are spoken or listening to the spoken text without being able to see the screen and following the written text as it is spoken.

  • speaking activities based on the scenery, the environment,the people and creatures the children may see in the video clips or imagine may live in these environments

  • reading tasks based on the target language transcripts accompanying the videos- going on noun,adjective and verb hunts, identifying questions and answers, spotting the commands in the text.

  • creative writing of simple poems or descriptive sentences or short texts based on the video clips.

    We hope you enjoy using this resource and that you are able to reap the benefits of just those “two minutes of mindful listening” in either English ,French or Spanish. 10 German videos to follow soon!

    The videos are free to Premium members of Primary Languages Network , at a discount price to School and Teacher members of Primary Languages Network and cost just £24.99 as a downloadable PDF resource to non- members from our Active Lingo shop.