Greetings garden


Such a simple idea that I saw today at the Grasmere Gingerbread Shop inspired me to think that this could be a really effective whole school community "back to school and language learning" activity.


I watched a little boy rush to the garden space outside the shop and plant the spoon he had painted.

What about if we created a "Greetings Garden" in our schools?Flower spoons painted and decorated by the wider school community and the staff and the children with colours and patterns linked to a greeting from a language, either spoken in school or at home or a country visited on holiday and its culture. Each spoon could then have the target language greeting written on to the painted spoon. Each decorated spoon is then part of the school "Greetings Garden".   

This could be in a garden outside or in a school sand pit area.It would be an opportunity to invite children , teachers , carers and parents to create their own wooden spoon greetings flowers and to plant them in the school "Greetings Garden".It would make a fabulous Euroepan Day of Languages whole school creative activity too!

Look forward to seeing your ideas!