Sparkling Summer Sentences.


It's a hot end to the school year. Here is the simplest of last lessons with your primary language learners. Build sparkling Summer sentences and sequences of sentences,appropriate to the age and stage of the learners.

The simple activity will work withh all KS2 primary language learners.You will just adapt the activity depending on the level of the language learner. Children are going to revisit, remember and air write greetings , farewells, simple phrases ,sentences, questions and answers and then draw their own "sparkling Summer sentences" to take home and keep until next academic school year.

As the class teacher you need a magic writing wand or a sparkling pen or pencil. 

On the board, write down sentences that you know the chidren have already met (greetings, farewells, simple questions and answers , feelings and emotions, personal information phrases , specific topic phrases phrases etc).

Ask the children to look at the sentences you have written down and to discuss with a partner what they think the phrases might mean.Take feedback and practise the phrases with the class with magic sparkling air pens. 

Ask the children to try to anticipate your sparkling air pen writing.Write one of the phrases from the board in the air using your magic sparkling wand or pen. Who can guess correctly the phrase etc you have written?

Allocate different words from the sentences on the board to different children in the class.More than one child may have the same word.Ask them to write out their word on white boards and add colour and sparkling shapes to make the word dazzle! Set a time limit of 5 minutes.

Ask all the children to hold up their white boards.Select a phrase or sentence from the board and invite one child to come to the front.Thos child's responsibility is to select other children,who are holding up the different words on their whiteboards that make up the sentence you have chosen from the board.The children selected must come to the front and help to build a whiteboard word chain that shows their words in the correct order to create the dazzling sentence. Ask the class to read aloud ther sentence in their most Summer time dazzling voices.

Select another sentence, another volunteer to organise other children and their whiteboards and repeat the word chain and spoken activity again.

Ask the children to select their favourite sentence and to create a Summer time dazzling sentence with sparkling Summer shapes and colours to take home , keep and read and remember until next school year.