Mexican waves football greetings!

World Cup characters .png

Let's celebrate the way the players and the fans will greet each other in all the various languages they speak at the football World Cup. .
Show your children this clip of 30 different ways to say hello from around the World

Now let's play the game.

  1. Ask the children to recall as many different ways  of greeting each other both in their own home language , school language and in other languages they have seen on the video clip
  2. Practise the greetings they suggest.Practise the sound of the greeting. Ask the  children to think of the shape of the greeting both as a  sound they hear (is it wavy/sharp/spiky etc) and as a written word.Ask the children to raise their arms in the air and peform the shape of the word/s as they say them say the same time.
  3. Stand the children up and table by table create a mexican wave of greetings that are both spoken and performed as sound shapes around the room.