Mothers Day poem and book.

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Mothers' Day is next Sunday in Great Britain.A great opportunity to focus on the use adjectives to describe people with UKS2 children and possibly younger KS3 language learners .

We have created a lesson called "Spoken from the Heart". The lesson has sound file support,a step by step lesson plan plus children's writing frame in French and in Spanish.We try to support all teachers whether specialist or non-specialist teachers to be able to help their pupils achieve a quality target language outcome and in this instance this will be a take home book as a present for mums and carers with a recorded message too perhaps.  

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The children listen,practise,join in and perform the poem alongside the video clips below. Everyone can access these on our You Tube Channel . (Network members can also access and download these from the VLE Seasonal Specials Spring 2 "Mothers Day " file,where you will also find the lesson plans and writing templates too). They have been created with native speakers and can also be used to produce your own class recorded performances for mums and carers and booklets based on the poem. Last year children who were working with our associate teacher,Joanne, created their own IPad video poems for their own mums.They were fantastic! 

The writing frame supports all the children to create their own "Spoken from the heart" booklets.

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Network members can find all these resources in French and Spanish in Seasonal Specials on the Primary Languages Network Virtual Learning Environment.

Non-network members can access these from the Active Lingo French and Spanish shops on the Primary Languages Network website.  

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