Celebrate our languages!


It's the Commonwealth Games this month! .What a great way to look at languages that represent the nations of our British Isles that will be competing against each other at the games.Plus this time it's being held on the Gold Coast of Australia so what about taking a look at Aborigine culture and language too? Maybe your school could start its school assemblies with a greeting in one of the languages and finish with a farewell too .Or maybe there is a class teacher who speaks the language and could perhaps tell a story in the language to the children.

We work and live in the North West of England and the languages of Gaelic,Welsh and Manx are spoken by children not too far away from us. 

Using an APP such as Chatterpix and the mascot at the top of the blog record what you investigate and create speaking mascots for the different languages.

Let's explore the language of Gaelic with the children .Here is a great site to get you started: Gaelic4Parents.  

You could explore Welsh and this site will be of great use

This lovely You Tube clip could help your children learn a little Manx too and find out more about the Isle of Man.