World Book Day


Link your language learning during the week of World Book Day to well known and familiar stories and characters.Perhaps even link the language learning on the day to a character the children or you may decide to pretend to be on the day .

Here are some blog posts with lessons and activities that may help link language learning and World Book Day stories and characters.

Roald Dahl Stories and Characters

Roald Dahl Day ideas - easy to transfer to World Book Day. Create simple personal informatioj cards about different characters.

Roald Dahl Reading Mystery Tour- explore the memorable items and objects from Roald Dahl's books e.g. Willy Wonka's glass escalator or The Twits upside down rooms.

Where's Wally prepositions  .jpg

Where's Wally ? - Take the class on a total physical response language learning jpurney to find Wally and practise the use of prepositions of place.

Table Top Stories - Pick a repetitive story.Explore the simple story line and characters and order that objects appear in the story with a table top display of small  prompt items representing key points on the story. A great total physical response activity and memory skills practise activity.


A Mad Hatter's Tea Party - building target language role plays and creating fantatsical descriptions of food. Activities based upon Alice and Wonderland with a fcous upon the Mad Hatter's tea party.

Alice in W.jpg

Alice in Wonderland - Spoken and written descriptions of characters.Adding challenge for UKS2 and looking at use of nouns,adjectives and bilingual dictionaries.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears- steps and ideas to produce a shadow puppet performance.

Going in a Bear Hunt rhyme with KS1 in Spanish.Active learning and a total physical response, listening and joining in.


Exploring Elmer - listening, joining in ,going on a jungle hunt with card telescopes, acting out and creating simple story files.


Cartoon concertina characters- creating very simple written sentence descriptions about cartoon characters. the eample in the blog post is based on Dennis the Menace but is easily transferable to othet characters.

story box.jpg

Story Character Boxes- reflecting on traditional tales and famous characyters and creating our very own story boxes filled with nouns and adjectives and possibly verb cards that remind us of the story.  

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