New Year! New Start! Revist the familiar.


Such a brilliant way to start the new year of language learning , whatever the level of the learners and whatever content you want to use.We love this activity every year! Inspired by Epiphany European celebration cakes – galette de rois and roscón de reyes, a simple to make and play letters and sounds wheel/game to revisit and practise core basic language and/or identify key letter strings and sounds in target languages.

I first created it back in December 2014 and wrote a blog called “Pass the roscon de reyes or the galette des rois”. It allowed the schools within Primary Languages Network at the time to look at ways to practise sound spelling links in numbers and colours.You can find the sequence of activities for this in the blog post.

Since then colleagues have decided upon their own content for the game.Here is an example from a network schoo.Irt erevisits simple language and the children need to recall the target language for the words.

We have produced a letters and sounds game, an individual wheel for ach child, as a variation on the game, linked to the orignal purpose- sound spelling. It’s part of our Ready Made French, Spanish and German SOW. You can also download it here at the end of this blog post, if you are not a network member from our Active Lingo Shop.Here is a picture of it in action last January in a network classroom.