Multilingual Happy New Year


Our classrooms within our growing Primary Languages Network schools have children with great skills - other language plus great curiosity about the World outside their own communities.Last year we created a New Year’s lesson to celebrate the “multi-lingual “ nature of our communities. Here is a very simple first lesson back to celebrate the New Year and to be able to explore with your children in your classes that all around the World people have started their own “new years” and wished each other all the best for ther new year too! .

Network members will find the complete lesson plan and resources plus this multi-lingual Happy New Year triarama in the Ready Made French,Spanish and German SOW in Year 5 Spring 1 .

Non-network members can download this triarama from the French ,Spanish and German Active Lingo shop on the Primary Languages Network website.

Here is a the direct link to access and download this for FREE.

International Happy New Year triarama in Active Lingo Shop to download.