Festive Freebie 2

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So simple and so current.For KS1 and for Year 3 beginner target language learners in French ,Spanish and German in our Primary Languages Network Active Lingo Shop.

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Download the FESTIVE FREE template in your chosen target language from the Active Lingo Shop and use this week to celebrate St Nicholas Day.

And then you are ready for your St Nicholas Celebrations lesson on or around the 6 December.

At St Nicholas’ parties for children and grown ups forfeit games may be played .so let’s use this opportunity to practise and revisit some basic numbers and colours and learn a Xmas greeting.

Ideas for your St Nicholas Lesson:

  • Sing the numbers 0-5 in the target language to the tune of Jingle Bells.S

  • Sing the colours (red,white,blue,green.yellow and black) to the same refrain.

  • Divide your class in four and sing each song as a canon.

  • Practise saying the target language Xmas greeting from the bunting in your best St Nicholas voices- loud, jolly , silly , kind etcetra.

Now you are ready to try some simple forfeit game:

  • Create a lucky dip bag with a variety of multi link towers and focus pn 6 core colours (red,yellow,green,blue, white and black) and counting multi loiunk from zero to the number five. number 5.Ask a child to pop his/heer hand in to the bag and take out a multi link block .They need to count the number of cubes and say the colours they can see.Once they have completed the task then ask the class to call out in their best St Nicholas’ voices the Xmas greeting.

And then it’s time to make your St Nicholas bunting ,to either take home to decorate their own bedrooms or to display in class.

We hope you enjoy this secind festive freebie .

Watch out for more from Primary Languages Network this festive season!