It's a Christmas Rescue!

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Refresh your Xmas primary language learning activities with these brand new Xmas French and Spanish bundles and original story resource.Listening,speaking,reading, writing and performance activities based upon our original and simple “Christmas Rescue” story. Santa’s sleigh has broken down and the alien family and their space ship save the day!

The resources and lesson guides practise:

  • nouns (focus on presents the children may like to give and receive),

  • ordinal numbers when sequencing a story (literacy reinforcement and fronted adverbials),

  • listening activity based on the “Ordinal Number “lesson power point version of the “Christmas Rescue” story,using native speaker sound files

  • pronunciation and intonation practise with the native speaker sound files

  • listening and enjoying story in French or Spanish

  • reading aloud and joining in with the Xmas story

  • memory and recall skills

  • story retelling with our story map,

    You may wish to learn more about the resources and lessons.Click here to listen to the CPD webinar “All I want for Xmas”.

    Plus the additional resources:a letter to Santa using our Santa’s wishlist letter and designing brand new Xmas jumpers for the superheores of the story resource - the alien family.It’s your choice whether you use these two additional resources separately or as a lead in and celebration of the story in a sequence of lessons in the run up to Xmas.Take a look below at examples of the resources……

Explore the story in Spanish ,French and English .The French and Spanish stories have simple sentences and native spekaer sound file support as the alien family help Santa deliver presents to the elf , the gingerbread man and the polar bear after Santa’s sleigh breaks down.

S El rescate 2.png

Use the story map and the sentence bricks to rebuild and then retell the story. Explore listening skills with the “Ordinal Number” version of the story and link this to your class’ work in Literacy on fronted adverbials.

story map.png

Explore the presents and the nouns in Santa’s sack with our Xmas nouns flashcards and native speaker sound files.Set the scene to the story and write your letters to Santa.

Letter to Santa .png

Finally design your own Xmas jumpers for the Candy Cane company and also for the alien family.

F_Christmas Jumper Guess Who French.pptx [Protected Vi.png

All the resources are available in French, Spanish and English from our Active Lingo Shop on the Primary Languages Network website.Plus our PLN network members can access all these materials as normal for free in the Network Resources area of the PLN VLE .

Non- network members can buy these resources as a bundle from our Active Lingo shop for just £4.99.

In French

In Spanish

Plus we now have the Christmas Rescue Story resources in English with WAGOLL text and Writing Checklists for just £2.99.