Primary Languages Podcast #1 'A child only gets one opportunity of being 8 years old' - Janet Lloyd


Episode #1

With Janet Lloyd

Janet has been involved in languages teaching for 30+ years, and throughout has occupied the role of teacher, consultant, university lecturer and now business owner, listen to her inspiring story about how she carved out a role tailor made for her ability, creativity and intuition. However, she will be the first to tell you that the plot of her lifelong passion was never planned as expected!

Customer demand of her ability to teach and consult helped create and develop primary languages network through the years, and now the business that was once just a cluster in Warrington is beginning to grow into something that she really could never have imagined it to be, no matter how creative she is!

Listen to Janet speak about the journey she has undertook to reach the point of where she is at today, enjoy insights about what she thinks is important within the classroom, and learn more about what the business that is Primary Languages Network offers to the primary languages world through its associate teachers, teacher training and online resources!