Festive freebies

Spanish rudolph book mark.JPG

Our festive “Rudolph Bookmark Corners” are a FREEBIE for everyone in the run up to the festive season. Use as a beginners’ consolidation reading and writing activity and revisit basic numbers and colours and practises the spelling of a target language Xmas greeting. Make them and take them home as a gift too. Ideal for Year 2 or Year 3 language learners.

They are also one of the simple resources that will make up the” Primary Languages Network Xmas Bundle 2018” on the Primary Languages Network VLE. this year.Network members will find them in Seasonal Specials Autumn 2 and non-network members can download them for FREE from the Active Lingo shop - here’s the quick links:

French Rudolph Bookmark Corner

Spanish Rudolph Bookmark Corner

German Rudolph Bookmark Corner