Creative minds


This is a fabulous example of how the resources we create, are taken and developed and expanded upon by primary schools.Thanks to Carol and her team,the children are exploring mindfulness using a foreign language as the vehicle for this.They are then linking their target language mindfulness to creative outcomes across the wider school curriculum.The whole school have embraced the use of this resource and are finding ways to weave it through their daily school life.

I wrote about how this resource can be used to develop mindful listening in a previous blog post. Now we are seeing how schools are taking the clips and using them as very useful well being, language learning and creative learning resources beyond the language learning classroom.

Yesterday with colleagues at a CPD meeting we discussed how the clips can be used in so many creative ways.For example, the planets’ video in the 10 for £10 pack available in our Active Lingo French and Spanish shops, can be used to be creative and go on an imaginary space journey and think about colours and sounds on a different planet.Ideal to use too with our Ready Made SOW too and our family from outer space,if your school is a Primary Languages Network premium member..


You can see samples of the videos on our website here Bitesize mindfulness videos .It was devised,filmed and created by members of the Primary Languages Network team with native speaker voices and visual target language.