Poem time.L'automne arrive!


At this time of year we practise colours in French so it seems an easy link to make with Autumn and tha changes in colours all around us on the trees.So what have we created? Here is a sneak preview…

Taster.pdf - Adobe Reader.png

A simple French Autumn poem, looking at the change in seasons from Summer to Autumn and the change in colours of the trees and the leaves.

Children are encouraged to join in, to imagine they are on the walk and act out the text that they read aloud.This will lead beautifully in to an assembly performance for some of you , we are certain!

The “Teacher’s Activity Guide” suggests ways to exploit the poem, practise colours, understand the meaning of familiar and some unfamiliar nouns and get ready to perform the poem.

There is also an “Autumn Leaves’ Links” activity sheet to accompany the poem and allow teachers to extend the language learning for more advanced primary French learners. Let’s look for adjectives and nouns and write our own versions.

Network members can access the poem on the VLE in Seasonal Specials

Non-network members can purchase the poem plus the teacher’s guide and the Autumn Leaves’ Links activity sheet, all for just 99 pence in our Active Lingo French shop.This is on the Primary Languages Network website. Here is the direct link to purchase the resource Autumn performance poem Active Lingo French