Spooky goings on!


Spooky sentences, both spoken and written in target languages in school allow your classes to make links across the curriculum at this time of year. Yes we are working with limited language but gosh we can be creatibve with this language!

The photo above is of “spooky party tooters” seen in a French shop last year. Great opportunity to use the photo as a stimulus or hook to create spooky chants, spooky voices, spooky greetings and farewells.Why not record these spooky sayings and create your own spooky statements cauldrons too in which children can keep a record of their “spooky spoken phrases and sentences” as written ingredients to a potion. We have created a simple activity sheet and teacher’s activity guider for this.Network members can find these in our Seasonal Specials on the Primary Languages Network VLE and this year non- network members can download the activity sheet as a “freebie” from the Active Lingo shop (just select your target language) and search for the sheet “Spooky Statements”. (link here goes to the sheet in the Active Lingo French shop).

A spooky poem anyone? Why not practise and perform our spooky poems?

poeme fantomatique.png

And then engage the class in special language detective work,using our “messy magic” sheets to help the witch put ingredients in her cauldron for her spell. Network members can access these poems in French and Spanish on the Primary Languages Network VLE .Non-network mebers can access the resource in our Active Lingo shop here: French: poeme fantomatique and messy magic sheet or Spanish poema fantasmal .

And what about a story about a witch’s day at school?

As Primary Langauges Network members , take advantage of the Seasonal Specials Halloween folder resources : our snakes and ladders game (practising numbers and commands) and our witch’s day at school story with audio and lesson plan activities in our Ready Made SOW Year 5 Autumn 1. Non network members you can access the story here in the Active Lingo Shop Witch’s Day at School in French or Witch’s Day at School in Spanish .

Enjoy some spookily successful language learning.