European Day of Languages

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How can you make European Day of Languages vibrant,fun and have a positive impact on the whole primary school and set the scene for a year of effective primary foreign language learning?

Below are links to activities that have worked for us (the PLN associate teachers, myself and PLN network schools) over the past few years.

Network members can access all the resources and materials for the suggested activities on the VLE in Seasonal Specials Autumn 1 folder  and also in the Cross Curricular area Celebrations folder.

This year our new resources and activities are called "Opening doors "  

 A grand day out

If a picture paints a thousand words .....

Celebrating "International Literacy Day" with links to European Day of Languages

Changing faces and creative PopArt challenge

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day and linking this to European Day of Languages

Bouquets of greetings for European Day of Languages

Klee facial expressions and flap faces

 Open the language door!

Oh and if you are network members then take a look at the work we did on launching aspirations and making and flying kites. The resource pack for whole school activities is called "Let's go fly a kite"