Autumn approaches

Autumn poem.jpg

Autumn is here! Below are some ways that you may like to approach the practise of core language content and language learning skills iwith your classes,drawing on the inspiration of Autumn.

Autumn markets: Maths and Literacy links

  • What in the World is it? Taste and touch and sensations
  • Venn diagrams
  • Quantity and number of ....
  • Numbers , fruits , vegetables and guesstimations
  • Investigate descrtipton - nouns, adjectives , verbs
  • Market stall museums

Autumn and a walk in the park

  • 3D maps
  • Directions
  • Commands
  • Objects and nouns

Autumn celebrations and a touch of creativity

  • Incredible word harvest of fruit and vegetables
  • Woodland creatures
  • Puppets - owls
  • What does Autumn mean to me?- create a memory and feelings box 

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