Roald Dahl Day and language learning

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Here are some easy to organise and quick ways to incorporate characters and books from the wonderful author Roald Dahl in to your teaching on Roald Dahl Day or during the week after 13th September.

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Celebrating Roald Dahl Day in a foreign language

  • Story title recognition
  • What's our favourite story?
  • Building characters
  • Silhouette characters - sentence structure activity using nouns,  adjectives and verbs

Roald Dahl Reading Mystery Tour

  • Matching objects (pictures and nouns/ just nouns ) to story lines  
  • Matching language to story lines
  • Matching mystery sentences to book titles
  • Building descriptions - simple or complex sentences to create book storyline information

Popcorn whizzbanger birthday cards

  • Playing with adjectives
  • Popcorn adjectives charades


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