Back to school coordinators checklist

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Before you start to organise resources , planning and tracking tools for language learning this next academic year in school please make sure you take a look at our NEW Ready Made French and Spanish SOW on the PLN VLE .I think it will be a much easier way to organise year by year learning.

Network members have access  to the VLE using their unique username and password. We can send you a reminder of this if you email us directly here .Contact us . All staff in school can have access to this username and password.

Just in case you want to check what is on offer on the VLE then here is a previous blog post describing the tools the VLE and the SOW and resources for schools.

The user files on the VLE are your own independent and private sharing area where you can customise and share the academic year's language learning experience   

Here is a brief summary of the resources we think that you should have organised and be ready to stick in to books, put on the school intra-net or share in staff room, in the userfiles or as classroom display at the start pf the academic year.All these documents are accessible in the New Ready Made SOW. Take a look through the bullet point list here:

Go on to the VLE. Select the quick link to the Ready Made SOW we have put in your "favourites" area.

Take a look on the New Ready Made SOW for French and Spanish and on the oveview table you will find a "planning" section at the bottom of each year group's column.

Here you can find and then clipboard to userfiles and year groups' folder or download and print:

  • Pupils' language learning and year group specific exercise book covers
  • French or Spanish marking code sheets (one per child's exercise book)
  • How we learn French /Spanish powerpoint slide - for eiethr you classroom wall, your own intra-net languages' page or  individual prints offs for exercise books
  • AfL clouds - one per term per year group for children's reference and to be completed by the children as they progress through the Ready Made SOW. (The word document means you can enlarge or amend the bubbles and content)
  • SOW content medium term planning sheet for you teacher's folder and/or to share with parents on the intra-net
  • Tracking sheet with content,phonics, grammar , assessments and DfE Attainment Target tracking - one sheet per class and specific sheets for each year group - as teacher record and guide of progress of the class
  • Assessment folder with Puzzle It Outs, listening sound files and transcripts and also reading texts and transcripts. Plus a spreadsheet per class to record progress.