Anyone for word tennis?

•       Work in pairs 

•       Create a set of 20 small cards with prompt pictures or words in English on them that you have learned this year in primary languages.

•       Swap sets of cards with another pair.

•       Create a paper tennis court for you both to play word tennis upon .

•       Draw the tennis court lay out- you need   two front boxes and a back box each plus a net in between.

•       Each player numbers their own back box on the court with a number "6" and the front two boxes with any number of your choice between 1 and 5.

•       You will need a dice and a set of prompt cards- made up of colours, days, months, fruits, animals -either prompt pictures or English word prompts.

•       The tennis match lasts 10 minutes. Time this on a watch.

•       Each player rolls the dice and needs a 6 to start. 

•       When the player rolls a "6" then the player can then select two cards from the pile of prompt cards and try to say or write down in the target language the words prompted by the cards.

•       If the player can complete the spoken or written task correctly then the player keeps the cards.

•       Otherwise the cards get passed across the net to the other player and this player can have a go at saying or writing the target language. 

•       Once each player has rolled the first "6" then when it is the player’s turn to roll the dice, if the dice lands on a “6” pick up two cards and try to answer the prompts.

•       If the dice lands on one of the numbers in that players front boxes on the court then the player who rolls it can pick up on card and try to say or write it in the target language.   

Winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the match.