Personality swirls

What a great way to round off a year's language learning- no matter what age or stage.I love these personality swirls.Great final page in  language learning pupils' record books for the year.Very simple to create and a way of celebrating the personality and the progress in language learning.Great reference point and memory jogger for each pupil next year too!

  • Ask pupils to pin-point a central point on a blank piece of white paper or on a page in their pupil record books.
  • From the central point ask them to draw wavy lines out from this central point to the edge of the page.Six maximum sections should be created.
  •  Practise with the children phrases and statements they can now say in the target language about themselves- name, age, where they live, pets, likes, dislikes, adjectives to decribe themselves, sports, foods etcetra, etcetra.....
  • Ask the children to draw and write one of  six pieces of information about themselves in each of the individual wavy sections of their personality swirls.
  • Ask the children to complete their personality swirls with patterns, images and colours that represent pictorially the words, phrases, sentences they have written.
  • The personality swirls can be shared by the children with their next class teacher on transition day or "looked back at"  as a reference and memory prompt during next year's language learning.