Word tapestries

legacy piece.jpg

I saw this beautiful piece of childrens work on Twitter.(Thanks to Sadie K below) It has inspired me to think of a lovely way to end the school year with Year 6 and to potentially create farewell good luck cards for the Year 6 leavers. Instead of the colourful blocks you see here I suggest we create colour word blocks and build a class target language word tapestry.

All we need to do :

  • Share with the class the beautiful piece of class art work in the picture on this blog post.
  • Explain that the class are going to make their own legacy piece filled with colour and target language favourite words and phrases.
  • Brainstorm with the class some favourite words and ask for reasons - is it the sound? Is it their favourite content etc?
  • Ask the children to jot down on whiteboards words and phrases they have enjoyed learning in the target language.Encourage them to do this from m emory and then also offer them the chance to look through written work or check spelling etc in bilingual dictionaries or on word mats.
  • Ask the children to think what colours and shapes best suit the words they have jotted down.so for instance if the like the word for "the sea" in the target language ,would they write this in a wavey pattern with a blue crayon etc?
  • Now give each child a small square of paper or catrd and ask them to create their colurful word shape tapestry blick , made of the words they have jotted down on their whiteboards in the target language.
  • Collect all the completed squares in and ask for volunteers to compile a sugar paper display , glueing the squares on to the sugar paper.
  • this is the class' target language word tapestry.
  • Take a photo of the finished tapestry and use the photo to create good luck post cards- one per child with a target language best wish written on the reverse side to be given out at the leavers' assembly to each child.
  • You can show the whole word tapestry as a photo on the screen behind them as they say their farewells at the leavers' assembly too.....