World Music Day 21 June triaramas

To find ways to celebrate la fete de la musique en France on 21 June I took a look at this French government website "Fete de la musique 2017" and found an article about crazy venues used by famous musicians to perform their music. I have selected 10 of the crazy venues that I think would be acceptable to share with our UKS2 children.The site can be changed to Spanish too - so you can try this activity in Spanish with children aswell.Take a look here!


Les Beatles sur un toit de Londres (1969) (Beatles sobre un tejado de Londres (1969))

Jean-Michel Jarre à la Tour Eiffel (1998) (Jean-Michel Jarre a la Torre Eiffel (1998))

Katie Melua à 300 mètres en dessous du niveau de la mer 2006 (Katie Melua a 300 metros debajo del nivel del mar (2006)9

Arcade Fire dans un ascenseur (2007) (Soportal Fire en un ascensor (2007))

David Guetta dans un avion (2007) (David Guetta en un avión (2007))

Andrew Bird dans une grotte (2013) (Andrew Bird en una cueva (2013))

Metallica en Antarctique (2013) (Metallica en el Océano Antárctico (2013))

Chris Hadfield dans l’espace (2013) (Chris Hadfield en el espacio (2013))

Grateful Dead dans l’ombre du Sphinx (1978) (Grateful Dead en la sombra de la Esfinge (1978))

I think that with some of our UKS2 children the music and the venues could inspire them to create their own "triaramas" of an event. What would a concert under the sea feel and look like? What would it be like to play music inside a pyramid? We have made triaramas before and here is an example of our carnival triarama: 


How to create the musical event triaramas?

  • Each triarama will have a pop up band or singer in the middle
  • The backdrop ( the two sides of the triarama ) will be filled by the children with colourful word art reflecting the place and type of music so word art nouns and adjectives or short descriptive sentences using the verb "to be" .
  • The language chosen by the children should share what they feel and  imagine it would be like to play in these crazy venues. Can they create the ambience and atmosphere? They will be able to use prior knowledge of core language and also need to use bilingual dictionaries to do this.