July coordinator's checklist

So we are nearly at the end of the academic year. Hopefully it has been a succesful year in language learning at your school and you are beginning to get organised for next year and the challenges ahead.

Make sure you take a look at our NEW Ready Made French and Spanish SOW on the VLE .I think it will be a much easier way to organise year by year learning.Content and lesson plans remain the same but we have now added a section where we have collated all the specific year group planning and tracking. We have added additional non-specialist language support sound files and power points , a brand new learning feature for children using podcasts to practise listening skills, native speaker clips now have transcripts and guides on ways to use the clips as language learning tools and also more creatively too. Each half term has blog posts, snapshot of lesson observations, examples of real in class work and outcomes, creative alternatives and visual display resources.There is a training video of the Ready Made webinar on the VLE plus a 2 sided paper guide to the new features.You will have received this by email too if you are a network coordinator..Both of these CPD resources are located on the right hand side of hime page of the VLE too.

This month's checklist is as follows:

  • Make sure that school has received and processed the network invoice for next academic year as your current VLE access may be due to close down at the end of June.
  • If school works with an associate teacher then make sure the SLA has been agreed and signed and that you discuss with the associate teacher your plans for next year and focus on activities you may like to do at the start of next year to celebrate language learning or to Celebrate European Day of Languages 
  • Take a look in the MFL coordinators tools folder in Subject Plannng on the VLE and access the "Documentation for your School" website file.You may find in here materials that you wish to add to the information on the MFL curriculum on your school website and indeed in school policy files.
  • Have a look in MFL coordinators tools too, at the Governors' presentation file- just in case you need to report to governors.
  • In MFL coordinators tools you will also find a reporting to parents' file too,which may be of use right now as you write your reports.
  • If you haven't explored your Userfiles on the VLE then now may be a good time.You can create folders for year groups in to which staff can upload from their desktops or clipboard from  the VLE pictures,sound files and examples of work or materials they would like to use.
  • Check out the My Learning APP which once you download this to your tablets or phones will allow you to take pictures of successful display , activities etc and load straight up in to these secure userfiles. Feel free to email us for support if you need help to do this.
  • Take a look in Seasonal Specials Summer 2 folder at   the "End of the Year"French and Spanish video clips and activity sheets- could be a great way to put together a leavers' Y6 performance or a class assembly.
  • Share with the children ways to keep and store their language knowledge until next year.Take a look at these two blog posts: "Storing memories until next year" and "Full circle spinners".
  • Get ready for the first month back after Summer.Plan your European Day of Languages  (26 September) celebrations around the materials and resources in Seasonal Specials  Autumn 1 folder in the European Day of Languages file. Or explore a whole school celebration day by using our ideas in the "Celebrations " folder in the cross curricular area of the VLE.  
  • Take a look at the blog posts to prepare for the first week back too: "That first ever language lesson" , "First week back network coordinators' checklist" , "Staff on board in September
  • ....And finally have a fabulous summer holdiay, relax ,unwind and see you  back here in September!