Celebrating progress

Towards ths time of the year , we will be taking stock of what we have practised with our language learners. Here are a couple of simple ways that this can be come a meaningful and attractive teaching and learning activity during the last half term of the academic year.

Storing memories and creating our own beach huts: bright colourful and can act as "piggy bank visuals" to show how we need to collect,collate,categorise and  store prior learning and our new knowledge.

How does your garden grow?  Createa physical paper copy of the learning experience of  children.A visual record of what they have learned, where they are going to do next in language learning and what success they have achieved in target language knowledge and skills  throughout the school year.

Full circle spinner game; creating a game to play alone or with a partner and to take home and play again over Summer - based on personal informatio questions and answers the children have practised and explored during the year 

Transition in a suitcase between year groups: encouraging children to take ownership of storing language, skills and good learning memories ready for next academic year.

Striding out a sentence game: encouraging learners to create their own sentences to reach a "physical goal or prize", which means the learners have to put together strands and pieces of learning to achieve success. An intrinsic sense of purpose and achievement to take on in to next year.