Colour sketches

We have just created  this simple "Colours"video in French to help our schools with Summer 2 Year 3 French as the chldren take a walk through the colours of thr landscape. It will be in our VLE SOW Year 3 Ready Made French.

It is a great resource too as part of my "creative colours" explorations below:

  • Watch the video clip with the class.
  • Ask the children to identify the adjective ( colour) and to explain the meaning of the noun using picture associations that appear on the screen.
  • Ask the children to help you paint an air picture of the poem.Listen and draw each noun in the sky as you all listen.You could add actions to represent the colours too.....1
  • Give out to every child a "colour dot bar"- (three of the colours mentoned in the video as dots on a card) .You could differentiate the challenge by reducing or increasing the number of dots on this bar.


  • Ask the children to say the colours to a partner and to try to remember in English the noun in the video associated with the colour .
  • Watch the video again and ask the children to listen for their sentences linked to the dots on their colour dot bars and repeat them "silently" in their heads.
  • Afterwards can the children remember how  to say out loud a complete sentence for each colour dot on their colour dot sticker bar? Again you can differentiate the challenge here- remember one, two ,three sentences and say out loud.
  • You could at this point ask children to swap colour dot sticker bars and repeat some or all of the activities above.
  • Share with the children a set of "colour sketches".These are pieces of A4 coloured paper (colours mentioned in poem) folded as you can see below- with the colour of the paper written on the paper and visible.when you open up the folded coloured card it reveals a very simple black pen sketch of the item from the poem that is mentioned and associated with the colour.
  • Can the children read the colour out loud for you and then guess what the target language noun is that will be revealed in your simple black pen sketch?
  • Take a look here at the colour sketches examples:


  • Time to make your  class "colour sketches" .Ask the children to think of items they would associate with the colours in the poem and create their own colouor sketches for a guessing game display, where other children can open up the folded coloured card or paper and see the item drawn on the inside.
  • The children should look up the target language noun they have sketched and write this either under their sketches or on card  that can then be glued to the edge of the display so that other children can find and  locate the correct target language nouns to the sketches.(If you decide to use the second option mentioned here- you may need to leave a bilingual dictionary availabe so children can cross reference their findings)