Colour wave phrases

A postcard I bought last week made me think about a simple drama activity I have used in the past - passing waves of messages across a room.

So simple.

  1. Give each child a phrase from a variety of phrases from a conversation or dialogue written on different coloured cards. Make sure each phrase from the conversation or dialogue os written on a card in all of the the colours. 
  2.  Ask the children to read the phrase to theemselves quietly .Ask the children now to rrad again to themselves but look at the colour of the card .What mood does the colur of the card suggest e.g green- calm, red- angry, yellow- happy etcetra? Can they now add emotion to their vpices as they read the phrases on the cards.
  3. Ask the children to walk around the room and listen to each othefrs phrases and find the children with the same coloured card.They should assemble ultimately in their colour groups.
  4. Now ask the colour groups to create a phrases wave.They must say their phrases with the emotion they have already added in whichever order the group decides suits the phrases they have.So for example one group may decide to say their phrases in a relatively sensible order or anlother group may decide to say them in a nonsensical  order etc.
  5. Ask each group to perform their phrases wave for the class.
  6. Now ask the children to form groups of identical phrases not colours.Can the children create a performance with emotions displayed by both  voices and added an action for the specific phrase.
  7. Ask each group to perform their wave phrases and deminstrate how one phrase can be daid and conveyed in different ways.