Red Nose Day

Here's a "Knock !Knock! Who is there? Red Nose Day activity.This can be used in  KS2 and KS3. Have fun! 

I have used this idea before- normally as a Christmas activity, but it will work equally well this Friday on Red Nose Day and I have added a few different approaches too .

We can add different levels of challenge. Here are some ideas.

  • Perhaps just use the  "Knock!Knock! " language below and  give the children different pictures cards of comic characters to introduce to other children by name. Don't worry about colours of noses etc.
  • Or as we do, use this to play a guessing game where the children need to say the colour of the nose and therefore practise adjectival agreement.
  • Or uplevel the game and ask children to say colour of the bow tie too.
  • Or ask chidren to create their own comical cartoon characters and as a response to another child introduce  their character and a physical description of body (fits well with our Ready Made Y4 Spring 2 work) and also clothes (fits well with our Ready Made Y5 Spring 2 work)..
  • Maybe record the descriptions with Voicechanger APP and add silly sounds too so that the questions and answers of the dialogue are part of a "spoof" or "comic " sketch.

The core spoken objective of the activity will be to ask and answer questions, so there is opportunity too with more advanced learners to extend what they say and then also to set this out in a comic cartoon story strip or as a set of comic Piccollage photo poster and perhaps even use  props too!

Here are the French/Spanish and German basic questions and answers to keep that Red Nose flavour  and a "Knock !Knock! Who is there? " theme......



                                                           Qui est là?

                                                 Rudolphe avec le nez ……..?

                                                            Le nez .......





¿Quién es?

Rudolph con la nariz ……

La nariz……






Wer bist du?  

Rudolph und meine Nase ist .....


Ja/ nein