Yoga with French at Moston Lane Primary- A review from Steph

I have been very fortunate to work with the Year 5 pupils of Moston Lane Primary School for 6 sessions of Yoga with French and I have been taken aback by their eager participation and remarkable progression. Yoga is well known for its many health benefits such as increasing self-esteem, improving the digestive system and helping to regulate sleep patterns and I think that it is really important that these are introduced at a young age. Pair that with French and you have a unique learning experience that has proved to be both enjoyable and successful! I have witnessed the confidence and concentration of these pupils soar during the 6 sessions. What started off as: “I don’t know if I can do yoga or speak French”, quickly turned into: “I can do this!” and this was particularly evident during the last couple of sessions where pupils are able to recognise yoga postures and respond to French commands very easily. They were particularly pleased with their certificates for completing the sessions and I know that they take these useful skills with them into teenage life as they hopefully continue with both Yoga and learning French.