Learn "to like" by heart 2

My last  blog post looked at active ways to explore and practise the present tense verb conjugation of "to like" or "to love" in French (and German) .Learn to like by heart 1

Let's play card games now to learn to like by heart .....

You will need sets of playing cards.You can make your own or select and buy from here  Active Lingo in the  French or German shops .Network members can access all the resources in Seasonal Specials on the VLE in the Spring 1 folder:Valentine's Day.

start the lesson with the activities or some of the activities that are appropriate from "Learn to like by heart 1" blog post

Give out sets of cards and set the children the following tasks

Singular Plural Sort

  • Can the children sort the cards into two groups - singular and plural?


 Partner person cards

  • Can the children find the person partners e,g 1st person singular/plural partners or 3rd person singular person partners? 

Verb pattern galleries.

  • Ask the children to organsie the cards in to patterns for themselves
  • Ask the children to write labels that describe the grammar patterns they have created and set these lables to one side away from the patterns of cards.
  • Children should then invite other class members to come and look at the patterns and decide which label matches which pattern.
  • Can the children create their own " verb galleries" in their books, with heart patterns, key target language parts of the verb and labels to explain the grammar pattern?