Where's Wally? 0-31 and prepositions

I have to say thank you straight away to Twitter for this very simple last minute World Book Day primary languages activity , which I think could become a class challenge for the rest of the term too! I saw this tweet from Murdishaw West and thought we could create a last minute a simple sequence of activities to link language learning and Where's Wally. 

Numbers 0-31 and Wally

  • Practise your numbers 0-31 in the target language.
  • Put selected number cards (picked from between 0 and 31) on the board and hide Wally behind a number.
  • Ask the children to find Wally. How many attempts does it take?
  • Practise this activity several times.
  • Give each table a set of number cards and a picture of Wally .One person hides Wally under a number card, whilst the rest of ther table look away. How many guesses does it take to find Wally? 

Wally is somewhere in the classroom! Prepositions and photos

  • Practise some prepositions with the children in the target language- infront of , behind, on , in ,under.
  • Practise the nouns for items of furniture in the class.
  • Place a picture of Wally with furniture and ask the children to help you speak and write out on the whiteboard phrases to describe where Wally can be seen.
  • Time to add poses ,photos and find Wally! Ask for volunteers to be Wally .You will need a striped hat and some glasses for this.Dress the volunteer in the items.
  • Ask the class to suggest a place in the classroom where Wally could be e.g. under the table , on the chair, behind the chair, next to the cupboard.
  • Ask the volunteer to pose as Wally in the place suggested by the class.
  • Take a quick photo , load up on your IPad and share on the class screen.
  • Can the class helo you to write your "Where's Wally?" sentence e.g "Wally is behind the chair" to label the photo.
  • Repeat the activity several times and build up a gallery of "Where's Wally?" photos with the class.
  • Now the children can draw and create their own "Where's Wally?" cartoon picture with a simple sentence using a preposition and piece of classrom furniture.

More fun and games! 

  • Just before playtime/break ask the children to help you number 5 different pieces of class furniture with you - e.g. a table , a chair, a cupboard, a door, a box. The children can pick the numbers between 0 and 31.Blu-tac the number to the selected piece of furniture.
  • Hide the picture of Wally .in a specific place (e.g under the table or in the cupboard) whilst the children are out for playtime
  • Ask the children when they return to class "Where's Wally?".Invite  a volunteer to select and say one of the  numbers you have used and another volunteer must go to that piece of classroom furniture with the  number blu-tacked on it, look for Wally and if Wally is there, show Wally's position to the class.
  • Ask the children with a partner to try to say an accurate phrase or sentence using a preposition to describe where Wally was found.  
  • If Wally isn't there then start again.
  • You can play the game again after lunch, after assembly or the following day first thing in the morning!