Story character boxes

Funny what you see on your local garden centre! Walking around yesterday I spotted this jigsaw puzzle.As it's World Book day this week it gave me a simple idea.  

  • First share with the children an empty card board box.Explain in English that inside is a traditional tale character.Set the scene .Ask them children who could it be? (You may want to share pictures of possible characters to prompt the children)
  • Now share with the class the title of a traditional tale in the target language for example here we would share "Puss in Boots" in French or in Spanish :


  • Ask the children to read the title. Look for familiar words .Think of traditional tales they know in English and decide which traditional tale this could be. (Goldilocks and the Three Bears , The Three Little Pigs, Sleeping Beauty  would work well as target language titles).
  • Take feedback. Check with pictorial evidence
  • Share a picture of the traditional tale - so the picture of the jigsaw box above would be great for Puss in Boots. Does the evidence confirm the suggestions of the children? 
  • Ask the children to help you put the pieces of the character's personality in the box. Make this as challenging as you think the children can manage.You can differentiate the task within the class itself. Can they write for you a name sentence, where the character lives, a possible age, a possible like and a possible dislike, how the character is feeling and using an adjective or adjectives what the character in the story is like. Can they write a sentence to describe the clothes or the face of the character?
  • Now ask the children to help you to build character boxes. Give out templates for boxes or dice. Printable cube pattern templates 
  • Ask the children to decorate the box with pictures linked to the story line and story character. On the lid the children should write the name of the story character or the traditional tale title and inside the box the children add sentence strips to that they have written to describe the character.